Pascal Cribier's garden

The plan for our building is organized around a park—the ideal setting for reflection, discussion and knowledge-sharing. The idea is to create an upbeat, friendly School where wellbeing and the joy of learning combine.


Culture_Projets-Le-jardin _0.jpg


The building is structured around an enclosed garden designed by gardening great Pascal Cribier.
It will be protected from the wind and will vary in colour, scent and shade with the seasons.

The garden design cleverly meets a complicated mix of requirements to form a pleasing backdrop for higher education and research, a place for students and staff to relax, a hotspot for biodiversity and an innovative park to enrich the urban ecosystem of the Saclay plateau.

It has a technical function: the pond has to retain water; the trees contribute to the quality of light with their shade. But more importantly, its composition yields three different atmospheres, with the maple grove, the large open lawns and the mixed border providing space to take a stroll, sit and talk or for more active pursuits.

The range of atmospheres will make this pleasant green space at once useful, ornamental and relaxing.

The park will also be enjoyed by visitors attending the School's scientific and cultural events.