Eating on the Cachan campus

The university dining hall, which is managed by the Créteil regional centre for student services or CROUS, welcomes students, staff and visitors to the campus throughout the academic year.

L'Arlequin dining hall

First floor: L'Arlequin, with its different food stations. Here you will find three “islands” with different themes: the pizzeria, the pasta station, the grill and world regions. At each station, you can choose a main and two of the following: entrée, dessert, 250ml drink.

Open 11.15am-1.45pm (except last area, closing at 2pm).

Le Traditionnel dining hall

Second floor: "Le Traditionnel" self-service restaurant and the Jardin du CROUS. Le Traditionnel: traditional French cuisine; meals include a main dish and a choice of two supplements from among the entrees, cheeses and desserts.

Open 11.15am-1.45pm.

Jardin du CROUS

Jardin du CROUS: this space offers an "à la carte menu" section where you'll find a buffet of entrées, main dishes, cheese, desserts and drinks. Jardin du CROUS is only open to staff.

Open 11.15am-2pm

L'Encyclopédie restaurant

This restaurant is on the ground floor, after the cafeteria (table service, à la carte). It's open every day, but diners must book 48 hours in advance. A menu of the day is offered, including:

  • a choice of two entrees,
  • two mains, one with fish,
  • the dessert of the day or a fruit basket,
  • a drinks menu and wine list.

Table service 11.15am-2pm.

Campus Express

Located on the ground floor, this new cafeteria is cheap, cheerful and fast.
The old Équinoxe has been renovated and transformed into a self-service cafeteria on the ground floor of the University building.

Open 7.30am-8.45pm.

Building closes to the public at 2.30pm (after lunch) and 9pm (after dinner)