secretariat.medical [at] (Médecine préventive)
01 47 40 76 57

cellule-handicap [at] (Cellule Handicap)
01 47 40 20 04

caroline.lacharnay [at] (Assistante sociale)
01 47 40 20 04

rdv-psychologue [at] (Psychologue)
01 47 40 75 86

Health Service

Students, academics, permanent and fixed-term staff: a range of health care services is available to help maintain your physical and mental well-being.


Preventive medicine and occupational health

The role of the preventive medicine service is to provide information, support, care and medical referrals. It also runs awareness campaigns (alcohol, HIV, cardio-vascular risks, etc.). It is staffed by:

  • Dr Charlotte Rolland, occupational physician
  • Dominique Deval, nurse
  • Anne-Elisabeth Weber, psychologist

The occupational physician advises the administration, staff, their representatives and students on health and safety.


  • Preventive medical visits for normalien students and health monitoring.
  • Occupational health visits for ENS staff
  • First aid in the event of illness or injury and coordination of emergency assistance during Health Service open hours.
  • Health Talks – counselling for students
  • Prevention activities: information on various public health topics

The part-time psychologist receives normalien students and staff by appointment.

Social and financial counselling

Whatever your status, a budgeting and social services advisor will be happy to meet you on the ENS Paris-Saclay campus to:

  • offer advice
  • help you pinpoint your difficulties
  • listen
  • help you look for solutions

Caroline Lacharnay is available: Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays by appointment from 9am to 4.45pm, Thursdays 2pm to 4.45pm without appointment, in the office located in the top hall of the D'Alembert building

Sessions are conducted in the strictest confidence.

Disability Service

The service's objective is to ensure people with disabilities can work and study in suitable conditions, whether they are candidates for competitive examinations, students or staff.

The Disability Service (disability unit members, pdf) is responsible for welcoming staff and students and providing any support required.

Each member of the team has a part to play in ensuring people with disabilities have the means to work and study to the best of their ability.

Read the Support Plan for Students with Disabilities (in French)

Psychological consultations

Anne-Elisabeth Weber is present on Wednesday afternoons and Thursdays. Consultations take place at the Health Service.

Anne-Elisabeth offers psychological support and guidance for ENS students. Staff can make appointments for advice relating to difficult situations with professional repercussions.

Consultations are confidential and last about 45 minutes.