Students commitment is important in community life. They are involved in different annual events organization and leisure associations management.

Student associations

Easily identifible by their shirts with the purple Monopo[List] logo, members of the Student Office (BDE) can help you meet other students and network.

  • There are several clubs on campus, such as the Art Club (BDA), which organizes cultural outings, the F[ens]foire, which manages the campus orchestra, the P[ens]il, which hosts writing workshops, the K-D[ens], which holds dance workshops, and the Seksi – our school’s cheerleaders.
  • Members of Cr@ns are available to help you with your internet connection (especially at the beginning of the school year). Meet up with them at the Kfet, their usual hangout.

Students club and activities

Annual Cachan events

  • Integration Weekend (WEI), held from September 16-18 and organized by the BDE to welcome new normalien interns and students
  • International Students Night, held on beginning of September at the Kfet, to meet other normaliens and get to know the campus
  • The InterENS, a sports-themed weekend with normaliens from Lyon, Rennes and Ulm (Paris)
  • The Sens de l’Art, cultural festival during one week
  • The Gala, held in February, for normaliens and Ile-de-France students, featuring renowned artist


For more details on Cachan and Paris activities, magazines or places are indicated in International student guide.