Association sportive : bureau.bds [at]

Bureau de la vie étudiante et des sports : sds [at]


Sporting activities, events and facilities are at disposal on ENS Paris-Saclay campus. A student association, Bureau des Sports (BDS), manages different aspects of the sporting life for students.

Sporting activities

The Bureau des Sports facilitates sporting activities for students during the school year and helps to develop University sports competition.

At the beginning of each academic year, the BDS prepares a booklet for all sports available on campus.

Sporting activities : badminton, basket, climbing, modern-jazz danse, football, gymnastics, handball, karaté krav'maga, rugby tai chi chuan, tennis, volley

The Sports Association (AS) card gives you access to about twenty sports, whether you are a beginner or an experienced player. Ask for yours by filing out the form available on You must also provide a medical certifiate (dated less than three months) and pay the fee of €22.

Rugby association

Aspique (Association des Supporters des Piliers du QUinze de l'ENSET)

Sports Events

Members of the Sports Club (BDS) organize sporting events on campus and in addition manage:

  • InterENS: a sports meet with other  ENS France students
  • Ensympiades: an annual sports competition.

Sports facilities

ENS’s sports facilities include:

  • a sports center with a handball court, volleyball field, climbing wall, dance studio, judo room, weight room and a multipurpose room
  • A sports stadium with a track and soccer field
  • Two outdoor tennis courts
  • Close to the campus a swimming pool of the municipality.