Fondation Mathématique Jacques Hadamard

CMLA and the Mathematics Department are founding members of FMJH.
The foundation brings together all Paris-Saclay’s mathematicians and conducts a number of activities, including funding master’s and doctoral scholarships and postdoctoral fellowships.

Département de Mathématiques ENS Paris-Saclay

Mathematics Department

The ENS Paris-Saclay Mathematics Department, in collaboration with its university partners, offers an outstanding education in advanced mathematics.
The department also conducts research in partnership with the Centre Borelli.



Bâtiment Nord - 2S21
4, avenue des Sciences
91190 Gif-sur-Yvette
Tel. + 33 1 81 87 54 00



  • Director : NICOLAS.VAYATIS [at] (Nicolas VAYATIS)
  • Deputy Directors : laure.quivy [at] (Laure QUIVY) and AGNES.DESOLNEUX [at] (Agnès DESOLNEUX)


The department offers two main study paths depending on whether students are normalien or joining us from other universities:

  • First, the ENS Paris-Saclay Mathematics Programme, which includes the final year of the Bachelor of Mathematics in partnership with Université Paris Diderot (Paris 7), followed by the Hadamard track of the Université Paris-Saclay master's programme, in partnership with Ecole Polytechnique and Université Paris-Sud. Normalien students complete this programme with the second year of a research-based master's (M2) and/or higher education teacher training in mathematics (preparation for the agrégation).
  • Second, the specialized programmes in applied mathematics taught as part of the second year (M2) of the Université Paris-Saclay Master of Applied Mathematics.

Research-based master’s


Right from their first year, students in the ENS Paris-Saclay Mathematics Programme come into contact with researchers during the introduction to mathematics research course that takes place at the CMLA.
The following year, second-year students experience an intense immersion in the world of research with a four-month internship in a public or private research laboratory, in France or abroad.