Coming to study at ENS Paris-Saclay

International collaboration is a major focus for ENS Paris-Saclay.

Almost 300 international and doctoral students are admitted to our departments and research laboratories each year. Different admissions procedures are used, depending on a student’s level of studies.

The ENS Paris-Saclay International Relations Department (SRI) coordinates a number of financing programmes so that the best international students can be admitted to our School.

International student status

International students who would like to apply to ENS Paris-Saclay may obtain one of the following statuses:


International students may apply to Université Paris-Saclay programs operated by ENS Paris-Saclay by submitting an academic file.
These students then apply on Université Paris-Saclay’s Inception platform in order to study a Master’s course at ENS Paris-Saclay.


Erasmus / International exchanges

European and international students whose home institutes have signed cooperation agreements with ENS Paris-Saclay may apply to an exchange programme in order to study at ENS Paris-Saclay for a maximum of 2 semesters or take up a research residency there.

Prior to being admitted, these students must be preselected by their home universities and named to the ENS Paris-Saclay International Relations Department.


École Normale foreign student

International students may choose to sit the ENS Paris-Saclay competitive entrance exam as an international student.

  • For successful applicants, their first year at ENS Paris-Saclay is the equivalent of the final year of their undergraduate degree. Learn more about the 1st year competitive exam.
  • Courses for École Normale foreign students last 4 years and end in an ENS Paris-Saclay degree being awarded. École Normale foreign students receive monthly financing of €1000 while they are studying at the School.


Doctoral student

Each year, ENS Paris-Saclay welcomes international doctoral students to its research laboratories.

Being admitted as a doctoral student


Doctorates may also be undertaken as part of a cotutelle or a jointly supervised programme.