Steps before arrival

Congratulations on your admission to ENS Paris-Saclay!

As a newcomer to the School, we would like to give you some important and useful information to start your stay. They are addressed to students, PhD students and international researchers staying at ENS Paris-Saclay. 


A range of public and private accommodation solutions are available on our website
For more information, please contact our housing service at logement [at] ">logement [at]

International students, doctoral students and researchers can benefit from assistance from the Association Science Accueil in finding suitable accommodation. Several solutions are available (home stay, shared apartments, studio flats, one- or two-bedroom apartments, three- or four-bedroom apartments, or houses) with rates ranging from €390 to €1,400 per month, depending on the size of the accommodation. 

For more information, visit the page dedicated to housing at Science Accueil

Home insurance is mandatory for all students in order to apply for housing. You can choose the organization of your choice. Our partner Science Accueil can assist you in this process. 

For any request, please contact procedures [at]

Visale is a service offered by Action Logement which helps students settle in a university accommodation or private housing by providing a free guarantee to your the Crous residence or your landlord.
Visale is open to foreign students who are part of the European Union and, if outside of European Union, to holders of a Long Stay Visa standing for residency permit (Visa Long Séjour valant Titre de Séjour, mention « étudiant » / VLS-TS).
However, you must apply for it BEFORE signing or renewing your lease.


We encourage you to start your visa application as soon as possible so that you do not delay your arrival in France. 

For this, you can use the dedicated website France-Visas. All your procedures will be done online. 

Campus France provides you with an explanatory video to apply for your visa for France. 

International students coming from a country associated with Campus France must register on the Études en France platform once they have been admitted by Université Paris-Saclay or ENS Paris-Saclay. A step-by-step procedure is available. 

International PhD students and researchers will have to establish a hosting agreement in order to obtain a passport-talent visa (scientist-researcher). For this, contact Science Accueil at procedures [at] We recommend that you do this at least 2 months before your expected arrival in France. 

Please note that doctoral students and researchers who have received a grant from a foreign organization must request the establishment of a research stay agreement before applying for a hosting agreement. For this, please contact the ri-incoming [at] (International Relations Office)

Internship students should contact the International Relations Office at ri-incoming [at] to set up their internship agreement which will be necessary for the visa application. A delay of 2 to 3 months before the beginning of the internship is necessary to establish the agreement. 

Since the start of the 2020 academic year, international students, doctoral candidates and researchers have been able to apply for and renew their residence permits on the Digital Administration for Foreigners in France (ANEF). This platform aims to dematerialize all procedures concerning foreigners in France. 

You can use this unique portal to complete your application. Once your application has been processed by the prefectures, you will receive an SMS indicating the availability of your permit. You will then need to make an appointment online with your local prefecture to pick up your document. 

Please note: the processing time for applications is 4 months. Make sure you apply in time to avoid any problems related to your stay (loss of job, loss of salary, etc.). 

To help you with this process, please consult the tutorial created by Campus France

Registration at ENS Paris-Saclay

To register, you must have received a login and a password by e-mail "Inscription 2022 à l'ENS Paris-Saclay". 

The registration of doctoral students is done on the ADUM platform, all the information is available on the website of Université Paris-Saclay

Before your registration, you will have to pay the student tax. 

All students and doctoral students enrolled in a French higher education institution must pay the CVEC (92 €). You must register on the website dedicated to the CVEC.

⚠ Erasmus students as well as international exchange students do not have to pay the CVEC.


Liability insurance is mandatory for any enrollment in a higher education institution. 

This insurance will protect you in case of damage caused to others in order to repair the damage caused. 

Generally, when you open a bank account or apply for home insurance, liability insurance is offered at an advantageous rate, so don't hesitate to take advantage of it. 


Your arrival in France

Upon arrival, students admitted to ENS Paris-Saclay as part of an Erasmus exchange must send their arrival certificate to the SRI. This is a proof that conditions the payment of your Erasmus allowance by your home university.

For your arrival, you can go to ENS Paris-Saclay by public transport (direct airport RER B, about 45 minutes and 10 minutes by bus) or by your own means (cab, Uber...). 
Our website references the most important routes to get to our campus.


Science Accueil offers you a cab service upon your arrival at the airport, train station, ENS or your place of residence. You will be responsible for the cost. To make a reservation, please contact procedures [at] and inform us of your arrival date and time (you can also send your travel ticket with all the necessary information). 

Remember to inform your DER of your arrival date in France.