Cinema and audiovisual media

Master of Film, Radio and Television
Master of Film, Radio and Television
École Normale Supérieure Paris-Saclay and the National Audiovisual Institute (INA) are offering a Master 2 (2nd year Master’s degree): “Documentary filmmaker and director. Documentaries on historical and contemporary topics”.

For the 2020-2021 academic year, École Normale Supérieure Paris-Saclay and the National Audiovisual Institute are running a new cross-institutional postgraduate degree (Bac+5) entitled “Documentary filmmaker and director. Documentaries on historical and contemporary topics”.

The Master’s sets out to provide training to audiovisual documentary filmmakers and directors (cinema, television, radio and web), as well as editorial managers for multimedia sites involved in media and publishing.

Future prospects

Activity sectors: cinema, television, radio, web and more.

In the last ten years, graduates have entered the job market as filmmakers, assistant directors or directors for radio or television documentaries either in executive roles in production companies, cultural institutions or broadcasting companies.


INAsup - School of Audiovisual Media (educational coordination)
INAsup (professional teaching)
ENS Paris-Saclay
Information: recognition of personal and professional experience (VAPP)


Content and length

This high-level course offers theoretical and practical teaching provided through classes and workshops (approximately 390 hours), in addition to potential internships.
The course lasts two semesters (from the start of October to the end of September the following year).

Please take a look at the teaching curriculum for the Master 2 (2nd year Master’s degree) [French language only].


Admission and enrolment

Entry requirements

This degree is available as an initial course to applicants aged up to 27 years old during the year of enrolment and as a follow-up course to applicants above 27 years old.

The following may apply to study on the course:

  • Holders of at least a Master 1 (1st year Master’s degree) in humanities (such as history, literature, economics, philosophy, sociology, info-com, cinema and audiovisual media...) or in sciences (such as physics, mathematics, medicine and biology).


  • Holders of a degree from a business school, an engineering school, a Political Studies Institute, or a Ministry of Culture higher education institution.


  • For foreign students: holders of a degree that is equivalent to M1 level (four years of higher education).


  • Professionals (such as directors, cinematographers and film editors) who would like to complete their training.
    Entertainment-industry employees and people working in the performing arts may request recognition of their personal and professional experience (VAPP). An ad hoc committee will confirm whether any degrees or professional experience equate to an M1 degree.

It is assumed that the M1 degree (or its equivalent) will be obtained in September 2020 and has not been obtained when the application is submitted.
Level of English required: equivalent of level B1 in the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

Admission procedures


The selection procedure involves two stages, which will lead to 14 students being chosen.

  • preselection based on the application dossier;
  • interview.

The application dossier, available on the ENS Paris-Saclay and INA websites, must be returned in 2 printed copies along with 2 pre-stamped envelopes featuring the name and address of the applicant to:

Aurélie Badoureaux
Documentary filmmaker and director degree
4, avenue de l’Europe
94366 Bry-sur-Marne CEDEX

AND, online to es2 [at], not attaching the dossier.


These dates are for guideline purposes only. Applicants should check the ENS Paris-Saclay and INA websites to see whether any changes are made. Applicants will also be made aware of any potential changes by post.

  • Deadline for sending application dossiers: Monday 4 May 2020, as attested by the date on the postmark.
  • Interviews: Monday 29 and Tuesday 30 June 2020 (at INAsup in Bry-sur-Marne)

Everyday life

Students can use the INA staff restaurant and its teaching resource centre.