Computer Science

Master of Computer Science
Master of Computer Science
The programme focuses on the fundamentals of computer science, equipping students above all to work in scientific research. It includes the third year of bachelor's study and the two years of a research-based master's programme, generally the Parisian Master of Computer Science Research (MPRI).


The objective of the computer science programme is to train industry or research professionals who master the theoretical foundations of computer science, i.e., the various concepts and tools employed in today's computer systems. The Paris-Saclay Master of Computer Science covers a wide spectrum of sub-fields, offering a range of courses to suit students’ intended specialization.


LDD3 : Informatique/mathématiques : parcours informatique


M1 : Parisian Computer Sciences Research Master (MPRI)

M2 : Parisian Computer Sciences Research Master (MPRI)


The master's programme is run in partnership with ENS Paris, Université Paris-Diderot, Université Paris-Saclay and Ecole Polytechnique.


The natural destinations for computer science graduates (master's or PhD) are executive-level IT positions in business, and research and development in universities, private and public research organizations, large companies and startups. Target professions include software engineer, systems and network engineer, software architect, quality engineer, project manager, R&D engineer, etc.