First-year programme common to all the engineering departments

Admission to Saphire is by:

Département EEA ENS Paris-Saclay

Applied Physics - Electrical and Information Engineering Department (EEA)

The Applied Physics - Electrical and Information Engineering (EEA) Department sits at the crossroads between fundamental disciplines – physics and mathematics – and the applied disciplines of engineering. The department also conducts research in partnership with the SATIE laboratory.

ENS Paris-Saclay is the only ENS with an EEA department. The department offers highly diverse career prospects and advanced training in disciplines currently at the forefront of major scientific, technological and economic changes.


Bâtiment Nord - 2X62
4, avenue des Sciences
91190 Gif-sur-Yvette
Tel. 01 81 87 55 55



Director :  Thomas.Rodet [at] (Thomas RODET)

Deputy Director : Bertrand.REVOL [at] (Bertrand REVOL)


First year
A multidisciplinary curriculum, the Saphire programme, in common with the Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering departments.

Second year (M1)
First year (M1) of the E3A master's programme in collaboration with Université Paris-Sud. The programme includes a second semester abroad.

Third year
Usually dedicated to teacher training in the Master of Education and Teaching, electrical engineering or applied physics option, but can be spent on a research internship in France and/or abroad instead.

Fourth year (M2)
Normalien students usually do the second year of their master's (M2) after the agrégation. They are invited to follow a research track, generally leading to a thesis. In some cases the M2 can be completed abroad.


The research-based master's programme brings depth to students’ training in engineering disciplines such as electronics, energy, information, computer engineering, communications, and signal and image processing.