The Biology Department offers:
  • Excellent programmes to learn to innovate and pass on knowledge

  • Recognized teaching expertise

  • Personalized supervision of your studies to suit your goals

  • A close connection with research

  • International opportunities

Département de Biologie ENS Paris-Saclay

Biology Department

The Biology Department welcomes students who intend to pursue teaching and/or research careers in any area of biology.
The department's primary disciplines are biochemistry, microbiology and human biology.
We also conduct research in partnership with the Laboratory of Biology and Applied Pharmacology (LBPA) and the D'Alembert Institute (IDA).

Bâtiment d'Alembert - 2ème étage
61, Avenue du Président Wilson
94235 Cachan Cedex
Tel. + 33 1 47 40 76 26



Director : uriel.hazan [at] (Uriel Hazan)
Deputy Director : Pascale.RIALLAND-LEFEVRE [at] (Pascale Rialland)


Final bachelor's year (third undergraduate year or L3)

Over the course of this year, students transition from a general education towards more advanced and specialized courses underpinned by scientific research.

The ENS Diploma is awarded after three years of study including:


Courses are taught in conjunction with research laboratories, particularly the Laboratory of Applied Biology and Pharmacology (LBPA), a CNRS/ENS Paris-Saclay joint research unit, and in collaboration with ENS Paris-Saclay's other academic departments (Chemistry, Physics, Languages, and Computer Science, etc.).