First-year programme common to all the engineering departments

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Département Génie civil ENS Paris-Saclay

Civil Engineering Department

The Civil Engineering Department equips students for academic teaching and research in areas ranging from materials, structures and buildings to energy and the environment.  
The department also conducts research in partnership with the Laboratory of Mechanics and Technology (LMT).



Bâtiment nord ouest - Bureau MS03
4, avenue des Sciences
91190 Gif-sur-Yvette
Tel. + 33 1 81 87 51 00

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  • Director : frederic.ragueneau [at] (Frédéric RAGUENEAU)
  • Directeur adjoint aux études : xavier.jourdain [at] (Xavier JOURDAIN)
  • Directeur adjoint à la recherche : Fabrice.GATUINGT [at] (Fabrice GATUINGT)


Since 2011, the Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Applied Physics - Electrical and Information Engineering departments have shared a common first-year curriculum. It is designed to provide the solid scientific and multidisciplinary foundation in mechanics and technology that students will need for their master's specialization.

In second year, students in the Civil Engineering Department complete the first year of their master's (M1).

In third year, students have two possibilities:


In fourth year, students complete their research-based Master's degree (M2). Two programmes are offered by the Civil Engineering Department:

  • ECD Envelopes and Sustainable Building
  • MAISES Structural Engineering and Materials.


At Cachan, civil engineering research is mainly conducted through LMT Cachan, a joint ENS Paris-Saclay and CNRS