Département de Sciences sociales ENS Paris-Saclay

Social Sciences Department

The department offers advanced academic programmes for students intending to pursue careers in basic or applied research, higher education (including preparatory classes for grandes écoles), or in the civil service, local authorities, or private sector.


Bâtiment Sud-ouest - 3A31
4, avenue des Sciences
91190 Gif-sur-Yvette
Tel. + 33 1 81 87 53 53




  • Directeur préfigurateur : frederic.lebaron [at] ens-cachan.fr (Frédéric LEBARON)
  • Pôle master of Economics :
  • Pôle pluridisciplinaire :
  • Pôle 1ère année commune :


Degree programmes

The ENS Paris-Saclay Social Sciences Department offers students a research-led education in three disciplines – economics, sociology and history – which universities commonly dissociate.

The study path for normalien students in the Social Sciences Department consists of three stages:


The social sciences research cluster at ENS Paris-Saclay is based on cooperation between various disciplines and on international comparative perspectives.