Doctoral diploma

The title of Doctor is conferred as of right by the University Paris-Saclay to Doctoral Diploma holders. The degree of Doctor may be conferred only on doctoral candidates duly enrolled during the year of their thesis defence. The doctoral degree may under no circumstances be conferred retroactively.

The diploma is made by imprimerie nationale, based on the data indicated by doctoral candidates in the information system Adum, which compliance will be garantied by the new doctor (signed compliance form)

Meanwhile, the relevant information on doctoral diploma is available on national portal in French and in English  as well as on the European portal Dart Europe. The link to the metadata of your defense on any of these portals can be used as a digital certificate.

Remission of the diploma

Graduation Ceremony

Come to the office of graduation of the graduation ceremony within the timeframe specified in the ceremony program ceremony program, provided with an ID valid.

Come and collect your diploma at the department of academic affairs

Come to the departement of academic affairs of the higher education institution where you have been enrolled during your doctoral education, to the service opening times, provided with an ID valid and a USB key.

Entrust a third party to get the diploma

If you can not get your diploma yourself, you entrust a third party to do it (see procedure).

Get your degree in a consulate or embassy of France abroad

The diploma will be sent through the service of the diplomatic pouch to the relevant embassy or consulate of France, but not by mail or by private service (see procedure).

“European Doctorate” label

Recognition of the European dimension of a doctorate

The “European Doctorate”, or “Doctor Europaeus” is a label awarded by Université Paris-Saclay and applies to the national doctorate diploma, already internationally recognised under the European Undergraduate-Graduate-Post-Graduate framework, and which enables recognition of the European dimension of the PhD project.

It is open to PhD students from European Community member countries, and extended to other states of the European Free Trade Association (Switzerland, Iceland, Norway, Lichtenstein).