IDEX projects

Université Paris-Saclay is now a part of the Investments of the Future programme.  This gives ENS Paris-Saclay laboratories access to research funding from this government investment scheme.

Here is what they are involved in:

Labex: a structured network of laboratories with a high international profile

CHARMMMAT : using chemistry, physics and computing to meet society's expectations for the treatment of CO2 and pollutants.

PALM : basic and applied physics (condensed matter, atomic and molecular physics, optics, lasers and extreme light).

LERMIT : an assembly of biologists, doctors and chemists working to design and prepare the medicines of the future.

LaSIPS : applied engineering with a multidisciplinary vision and “systems” approach focused on three key sectors: sustainable development, energy and health.

NanoSaclay : a network of international standing for research, training, innovation and technology transfer in nanosciences and nanotechnologies.

LMH : mathematics intersecting with life sciences and engineering.

Equipex: among the best scientific facilities in the world 

DIGISCOPE : developing interactive techniques for the visualization of highly complex data, particularly using modelling and numerical simulations.

MATMECA : responding to major scientific and industrial challenges concerning the development, characterization, modelling and simulation of the behaviour of materials and structures.

CASD : creating a highly secure infrastructure that allows researchers to access detailed individual databases.

PATRIMEX : a multi-site platform dedicated to research into the analysis, preservation and restoration of material heritage in all its forms (monuments, paintings, artefacts, books, manuscripts, archives, etc.).

LIDEX – IRS: Université Paris-Saclay Interdisciplinary and Inter-Institutional Strategic Research Initiatives

CDS : extracting knowledge from data

ISIS : questioning the production of scientific knowledge and how it translates into society

ICODE : decision support and control of complex dynamic processes

IMSV : creating models to predict and improve the behaviour of living systems (plants and bacteria)

ISN : understanding and anticipating the consequences of digital technology in our daily lives