Automated Production Research Laboratory (LURPA)

The Automated Production Research Laboratory is an engineering sciences laboratory run by ENS Paris-Saclay. 

EA 1385

Bâtiment Nord - MX72
4, avenue des Sciences
94235 Cachan Cedex
Tel. +33 (1) 47 40 22 15



LURPA is an engineering research laboratory founded in 1981 and led by Christophe Tournier. LURPA conducts research into the design of products and manufacturing processes, and the dependable control of discrete event dynamic systems.

2 teams

The Geo3D team (three-dimensional geometry of parts and mechanisms)

The researches of the Geo3D team consist in ensuring the correct operation of the polyarticulated complex systems and assemblies, taking into account the impact of eviations such as geometrical interfaces between components on the design requirements. The Geo3D team's work is structured into four topics:

  • Dimensioning and geometric tolerancing
  • Geometric quality of machined parts
  • Shape acquisition and identification
  • Integrated design of products and processes

The Automated Systems Engineering team (ISA)

She focuses on dependable control of Discrete Event Dynamic Systems (DEDS). The ISA team's work is structured into four topics:

  • Testing and formal verification of logic controllers
  • Algebraic approaches for formal synthesis and analysis
  • Identification of DEDS
  • DEDS approaches for safety analysis