Centre Borelli

The Centre Borelli  for Mathematics studies and Applications,  is a joint research department between the ENS Paris-Saclay and the CNRS.



Bâtiment Nord - 2S18
4, avenue des Sciences
91190 Gif-sur-Yvette
Tel. 33 (1) 81 87 54 00


Head: Nicolas Vayatis
People at CMLA

Founded in 1990, the CMLA is engaged in interdisciplinary projects implemented through joint labs with strategic industrial partners, organizations like CNES or CEA, and academic partners such as the FMJH, the LMH, the Farman Institute, Paris-Saclay University, ...

The Centre Borelli hosts researchers and engineers with backgrounds in mathematics, computer science, physics, biology, mechanics and the engineering sciences. It offers undergraduate, graduate, postgraduate and career development programs.


The Centre Borelli develops seminal research in applied mathematics, at the boundaries of digital technologies, algorithmics and computing, and mathematics, with mathematical applications to the industry, energy, aerospace, medical imaging, healthcare, e-business, and social networks...

Hub Structure

  • Complex systems, fluids and waves
  • Signal and image processing
  • Machine learning and massive data analysis
  • Molecular modeling dynamics in cancer biology

Complex systems, fluids and waves

Coordinator : Florian De Vuyst

Modeling, mathematical analysis and numerical simulation of complex fluid-like problems involved in industrial and engineering applications. Main industrial partners (such as CEA, TOTAL, ENI, GTT, EDF or VEOLIA) are those where numerical simulation is a key factor of competitiveness and innovation.

Signal and image processing

Coordinator : Jean-Michel Morel

Imaging has taken off worldwide and CMLA leads the way in this area: from defense to entertainment, from medicine to remote sensing. CMLA's research in image analysis has led to high-profile applications in medical diagnosis and imaging, satellite design and imaging, computer graphics, digital photography, and industrial inspection.

Machine learning and massive data analysis

Coordinator : Nicolas Vayatis

Inference, predictive modeling and sequential optimization from complex data such as time series, functional data, network data, ...
CMLA’s expertise in Machine Learning algorithms and complex data modeling offers strong insights in academic and industrial projects where decisions have to be made based on data.

Molecular modeling dynamics in cancer biology

Coordinator : Luba Tchertanov

Cutting-edge interdisciplinary research in computational biology to establish structural and dynamical principles governing complex biological processes, allosteric regulation, and resistance mechanisms.

Joint Labs

CEA LRC Meso : Mesoscopic Simulation
CEA is the French commission for alternate energies including atomic.

CNES Miss Earth and Satellite Imaging
CNES is the French government funded agency for developing research and  implementing France's space policies in Europe.

Cognac G : Developing non invasive tools to measure and quantify human behavior.