About us

ENS Paris-Saclay

In September 2016, ENS Cachan changed its name, becoming École normale supérieure Paris-Saclay.

This important step signifies the centrality of Université Paris-Saclay and the Paris-Saclay campus to the School's vision and its new incarnation as the grande école for teaching and research within this prestigious university.

A multidisciplinary school and research centre

ENS Paris-Saclay delivers a scientific and cultural education of the highest standard, continuing the tradition of excellence of the écoles normales supérieures.

What sets the School apart is that it brings together disciplines that no other higher education institution combines in quite the same way, or at the same level: the natural sciences, engineering, and the social sciences.

In this unique environment, normalien students receive research-intensive training leading to master's and doctoral degrees in their chosen discipline, frequently coupled with an advanced teaching qualification. 

ENS Paris-Saclay is also a research centre with 14 laboratories covering all the disciplines taught at the School. It maintains partnerships with research organizations such as CNRS, INRIA and the CEA, as well as with other higher education and research institutions.

In close collaboration with industry, the School conducts many high-level research programmes through research chairs and joint laboratories involving companies in the aeronautics, aerospace, energy, automotive, and IT sectors  (Airbus, EDF, Atos, Hewlett-Packard, etc.).

Through its laboratories, ENS Paris-Saclay is involved in four clusters in the greater Paris region and in numerous laboratories and international research groups in China, Korea, Japan, Israel, India, Brazil and the United States.