Economics and Management Department
Economics and Management Department

Economics and Management Department

The Economics and Management Department welcomes normalien students and students joining us from other universities who intend to pursue teaching and/or research careers in any areas of economics and management.
The department stands out for delivering first-class theoretical and practical courses which equip students with dual expertise in both economics and management.



Bâtiment Cournot, 5e étage
61, Avenue du Président Wilson
94235 Cachan Cedex
Tel. + 33 1 47 40 29 77


Director : Jean-christophe.TAVANTI [at] (Jean-Christophe Tavanti)


The programme at ENS Paris-Saclay takes four years:

  • The first year of the programme (final undergraduate year) consist of a core curriculum in economics and management.
  • The second year of the programme (first year of master's study, or M1) consist of a M1 in economics or a M1 in management.
  • The third year can be devoted either to preparing for the agrégation in Economics and Management (option B), or to completing a research-based master's degree (M2) in economics or management, or another programme in partnership with ENS.
  • The fourth year can be used to finalize a programme, undertake an internship or begin Ph.D research.

Since September 2015, students from the Economics and Management Department have been able to take one of the Université Paris-Saclay master's programmes, offered by ENS Paris-Saclay in collaboration with Ecole Polytechnique, ENSAE, HEC and Université Paris-Sud, such as the Master in Economics or the Master in Strategic Management.


Students are introduced to research activities in second year with workshops and a dissertation.