Real estate project

In 2019, the School will move to the Université Paris-Saclay campus. Renzo Piano Building Workshop was chosen in January 2014 to design the new building, Hélène Gobert is the ENS Paris-Saclay real estate project director.




ENS in the Paris-Saclay urban development plan

The school is to be located in the centre of the Moulon district in Gif-sur-Yvette, on an urban campus that is currently being developed by the Paris-Saclay public planning agency and local authorities.

Thanks to its location, ENS Paris-Saclay will benefit from high visibility, good public transport connections and excellent access to the services, shops and shared facilities planned in the Joliot-Curie neighbourhood and around the metro station. Students, academics, researchers and staff will be able to participate fully in neighbourhood life, making ENS Paris-Saclay a special place to study, work and live.


The ENS project in Paris-Saclay

The project's main features reflect the normalien educational approach. Teaching spaces and laboratories are interwoven, creating a continuous exchange that strengthens the practice of research-led teaching. Mezzanines, transparent walls and the closeness of spaces inspire the right frame of mind for interdisciplinary initiatives.
To further encourage the practice of research with a strong experimental dimension, the design includes a large number of workplaces for students (nearly 800 m2 in total), both open and closed, for working individually or in small groups.

This new ensemble, which will house all of the activities currently present on the Cachan campus, is part of a vast educational and research development plan—Université Paris-Saclay—and a major urban development plan—the transformation of the south of the Saclay plateau into an urban campus—which is currently underway. The future buildings of ENS Paris-Saclay will be located in the heart of the mixed development area of Moulon, on a plot of about three hectares. The floor area of approximately 64,000 m² will be articulated around a large inner garden, thus creating the ideal setting for reflection.


The projected location of ENS in the heart of the future Moulon district is intended to:

  • improve access to Université Paris-Sud and proximity to Supélec and Ecole Centrale Paris, all major partners in the field of engineering;
  • Increase the School’s visibility thanks to its central campus location (close to the Moulon main road, an busy area);
  • Make it easier to get to: the main thoroughfare will be served by various means of transport (onsite public transport (TCSP) from 2016 and the Grand Paris Express automatic metro, 5 minutes walk from the ENS);
  • ensure access to a variety of facilities: right next to the sports grounds and entertainment venues, shops, services and teaching facilities (shared classes, learning centre, etc).
Paris-Saclay is a real opportunity for our School. ENS Cachan needed to reconsider its development in relation to its partnerships and location. Such a big change entails a real effort from those involved in the project, to successfully bring together in this vast ensemble the three main fields that are the strength and pride of our school: the exact sciences, engineering, and the social sciences.