Entrance examinations
Entrance examinations

Admissions office

The Admissions Office manages the entrance examinations for admission to ENS Paris-Saclay

Missions :

The Admissions Office manages the ENS Paris-Saclay entrance examinations for students in preparatory classes for the grandes écoles (first-year entrance exam) and for students holding a Bachelor's degree or higher (second entrance exam).


ENS Paris-Saclay offers two distinct series of entrance exams: 

  • the first-year entrance exams for admission after two years' of higher education in preparatory classes 
  • the second entrance exams for admission at Master's level.

Some entrance exams are specific to ENS Paris-Saclay, while others are common exams shared with other grandes écoles.

The office's role is to organize and administer the entrance exams, which involves:

  • scheduling the entrance exams in collaboration with the various national grandes écoles, for all streams.
  • appointment and administration of the board of examiners (authors, markers, oral examiners) 
  • identifying written exam centres, preparing and distributing exam papers
  • sending candidates notification to attend 
  • distributing scripts to markers and collecting written exam results
  • meetings of the eligibility committee
  • scheduling the oral exams
  • conducting the oral exams onsite 
  • final deliberations of the board of examiners 
  • managing offers and admission