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2019 Activity Report

Documentation in French.

This activity report presents the School’s structure.

  • Key figures
  • Highlights
  • The transformations of research and higher education
  • Recruitment of ENS students
  • Training for research
  • A multidisciplinary research centre
  • Science beyond borders
  • Student well-being, major social challenges and culture
    School organisation


Brochure: 5 good reasons to join us

By nature, you are curious, open to others and to the world... Find 5 good reasons why you should join us!

  • Ready to invent the world of tomorrow?
  • How do you combine professional success and personal fulfilment?
  • Ready to travel the world?
  • Tempted by a world-class campus?
  • What are you planning to do with the next 4 years?


Welcome Booklet

See the welcome booklet for ENS students:

  • Presentation of the School: key data, access to the campus, plan of the building.
  • Studying: registration, the degree, libraries, languages, IT and digital services, dissemination of information.
  • Going international: going abroad, coming to study at ENS
  • Organisation on campus: accommodation, catering, health, social security, CAF, prevention.
  • Making your mark in student life: students committees, clubs and associations, student venues.
  • Getting involved in the life of the institutional.



Guide to the building

Guide in French.

Welcome to the new building on the Saclay plateau.

  • Access to the building
  • Working, meeting, conference and event spaces
  • Rest and catering areas
  • User services
  • Safety rules and instructions
  • Building maintenance
  • Practical information


Programme of the Scène de recherche

Documentation in French.

The mission of the Scène de Recherche is to explore the links between the arts, sciences, technology and society.
It aims to renew the ways of teaching, researching, learning, exploring and creating. It works with experimental, cross-disciplinary methods. Discover the programme!

  • The cultural season
  • The meetings
  • Research and creation: artists in residence
  • Reservations and rates


Training with the Scène de Recherche

Documentation in French.

  • Artistic practice workshops
  • Degree conferences
  • The collective interdisciplinary projects (PIC)
  • The cross-disciplinary teaching units (UE)