CNRS Bronze Medal 2017
CNRS Bronze Medal

Clémence Allain

CNRS Bronze Medal 2017

Clémence Allain, researcher at ENS Paris-Saclay's Supramolecular and Molecular Photophysics and Photochemistry laboratory (PPSM), has been awarded the 2017 CNRS bronze medal.

Clémence Allain, an ESPCI Paris alumna with a doctorate from Université Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris 6), joined CNRS as a researcher in January 2010 at ENS Cachan's PPSM.

Since her PhD, her research has focused on the synthesis and spectroscopic study of new luminescent materials for various applications. At PPSM, she first worked in Professor Pierre Audebert's team on the synthesis and study of new tetrazines and tetrazine-based materials.

Tetrazines, small molecules that are both fluorescent and electroactive, have found a practical application in the development of Lumicyano, a fluorescent cyanoacrylate for fingerprint detection. They may also prove to be good photocatalysts for carrying out a range of chemical reactions under mild conditions.

Since 2014, she has been working with Dr. Rémi Métivier at PPSM on a new project focused on developing materials called "mechano-fluorochromes", that is, whose fluorescence changes when a mechanical stress is applied to them. These original materials have potential applications in mechanics for monitoring structural damage, but also in the field of mechanobiology, to measure forces at the cellular scale.

Dr. Allain obtained an ERC Starting Grant in 2016 which will finance this project for the next five years.