Master of Biology-Health

Master of Biology-Health
Master of Biology-Health
The master's programme in Biology-Health takes into account issues of mutual impact for the biological and health sciences, i.e., societal issues and technology transfer for science students; and basic science and methodological issues for doctors and pharmacists.


The life sciences include a set of fundamental and medical disciplines, developed through various models and issues and spanning scales from that of the genome to the global population.


M1 Cursus Boris Ephrussi (ENS Paris-Saclay)
Contact : MARIE.FRUGIER-REGAIRAZ [at] (Marie Frugier-Regairaz), ENS Paris-Saclay
URIEL.HAZAN [at] (Uriel Hazan, ) Université Paris-Saclay

M2 "Cancérologie"
Contact : FRANCOIS.DAUTRY [at] (François Dautry), ENS Paris-Saclay
FRANCOIS.DAUTRY [at] (François Dautry), Université Paris-Saclay 

M2 "Génétique, génomes et évolution (G2EV)"
Contact : STEPHANIE.BURY-MONE [at] (Stéphanie Bury-Mone),ENS Paris-Saclay,      
pierre.capy [at] (Pierre Capy), Université Paris-Saclay

M2 "Ingénierie et Chimie des biomolécules (ICBM)"
Contact : STEPHANIE.BURY-MONE [at] (Stéphanie Bury-Mone), ENS Paris-Saclay
Philippe Minard, Université Paris-Saclay 

M2 "Microbiologie fondamentale (MF)"
Contact : STEPHANIE.BURY-MONE [at] (Stéphanie Bury-Mone), ENS Paris-Saclay 
nicolas.bayan [at] (Nicolas Bayan), Université Paris-Saclay

M2 "Sciences, Technologies et Société"
Contact : Philippe.FONTAINE [at] (Philippe Fontaine), Sciences sociales, ENS Paris-Saclay
Philippe.FONTAINE [at] (Philippe Fontaine,) Université Paris-Saclay

M2 "Formation à l'enseignement supérieur en Sciences du Vivant" (BGB)
Contact :   Valerie.Peris-Delacroix [at] (Valérie Péris-Delacroix,) ENS Paris-Saclay  
Valerie.Peris-Delacroix [at] (Valérie Péris-Delacroix), Université Paris-Saclay

M2 "Formation à l'enseignement supérieur en Sciences du Vivant" (SV-STU)
Contact : Guillaume.BARTHOLE [at] (Guillaume Barthole, ) ENS Paris-Saclay  
helene.vincent [at] (Hélène Vincent)  Université Paris-Saclay 


The programme is offered in partnership with other Université Paris-Saclay member institutions, particularly Université Paris-Sud.


This master's degree leads to opportunities in scientific research, research and development, health, teaching, science and technology watch, quality control, health regulations, science communication, and studies concerning the biotechnology/environment interface.