Master of Physics

Master of Physics
Master of Physics
The aim of the Master of Physics is to provide students with an outstanding education in experimental and theoretical physics that draws on the broad spectrum of research themes covered at Université Paris-Saclay and relates closely to current research and development issues.


The variety of teaching approaches (conceptual or application-oriented, possibility of internships in laboratories or companies leading to either entry into the workforce or further studies) is suited to students with various needs and ambitions and leads to many career options.


M1 Photonique moléculaire pour les bio et nanotechnologies (Monabiphot)
Contact : Isabelle.Ledoux [at] (Isabelle Ledoux-Rak,) Département Physique / Université Paris-Saclay                      

M2 Photonique moléculaire pour les bio et nanotechnologies 
Contact : Isabelle.Ledoux [at] (Isabelle Ledoux-Rak), Département Physique / Université Paris-Saclay

M2 "Formation à l'enseignement supérieur en Physique"
Contact : Jean-Baptiste.Desmoulins [at] (Jean-Baptiste Desmoulins), Département Physique / Université Paris-Saclay

M2 "Laser, Optique, Matière"
Contact : Jean-sebastien.LAURET [at] (Jean-Sébastien Lauret,) Département Physique     
rosa.tualle-brouri [at] (Rosa Tualle-Brouri), Université Paris-Saclay

M2 "Nanosciences"
Contact : Emmanuelle.DELEPORTE [at] (Emmanuelle Deleporte), Département Physique
arnaud.bournel [at] (Arnaud Bournel), Université Paris-Saclay

M2 "Grands instruments"
Contact : THOMAS.RODET [at] (Thomas Rodet,) Département EEA
sophie.kazamias [at] (Sophie Kazamias,) Université Paris-Saclay


Generally speaking, the Université Paris-Saclay Master of Physics leads to the following graduate destinations:

  • doctoral study (basic or applied physics, intersections of physics)
  • academia, research and development
  • private sector executive
  • research engineer in public agencies
  • business services requiring advanced scientific and methodological knowledge
  • end of an engineering school curriculum (for university students after the M1)
  • secondary school teaching