Doctoral programmes

PhD students can expect around 120 hours of instruction (this will vary across doctoral schools) over the course of their thesis preparation. Around half of these hours are provided by the doctoral school itself, the other half by the doctoral college.

Other courses may be validated under the doctoral programme. The programme plan for each PhD student will be validated by the doctoral school director. Joint courses offered in the catalogue have been validated by the directors of all doctoral schools as being recognised for all doctoral programmes.

The joint doctoral programme proposed by the doctoral college

Joint courses offered by the doctoral college are transversal across all disciplinary or thematic sectors of all the doctoral schools. These mainly aim to prepare the professional future of PhD graduates and optimise their international prospects by developing their language skills.

The joint doctoral programme organised by doctoral schools

The Université Paris-Saclay doctoral schools are organised according to discipline (MHDS, SHS DS, STIC DS, for example), or according to theme or societal issues (ABIES, CBMS, SP DS, for example).

In all cases, each doctoral school must attain the critical number of PhD students in order to offer a joint doctoral programme in the subject area of the doctoral school (or in more than one subject area where the doctoral school is sub-divided into clusters).

These courses may be organised by the doctoral school itself in close collaboration with associated research teams (in the case of series of seminars, for instance). The doctoral school may also participate in organizing a national or international programme (such as summer schools).

Doctoral seminars and courses

Once they have created their ADUM account, PhD students can consult job offers proposed in the doctoral college catalogue, register for educational programmes offered, leave reviews for programmes they have completed, etc. Transversal and disciplinary educational programmes cited in the catalogue have all been validated by the Doctoral College Council as being relevant to the doctoral programme.