The École normale supérieure Paris-Saclay is a public higher education and research institution (known under French law as an Établissement public à caractère scientifique, culturel et professionnel).
The School determines its teaching and research policy, and organizes the means to implement it, in line with the relevant regulatory framework and its contractual commitments.

Governance bodies

Office of the President

The president is appointed by French presidential decree for a five-year term. He or she is chosen from among leading academics in fields taught and researched at the School.

The Office of the President comprises the president, three vice presidents and a director of professional services.  
Together they form the executive committee, which meets once a week.

President : Pierre-Paul Zalio
Vice President for Research : Keitaro Nakatani
Vice President for Education : Claire Lartigue
Deputy Vice President for Studies and Student Life : Caroline de Sa
Vice President for Planning and Resources : Cécile Durieu

Director of Professional Services : François Tavernier


Board of Governors

The Board of Governors is the School's governing body. Under the authority of the School's president, it sets the School's strategic directions and approves and allocates the budget.

It comprises 31 members, including suitably qualified lay members, representatives of partner institutions and elected staff and student representatives.

Academic Board

The Academic Board exercises all the responsibilities of a university academic board. In addition, it monitors and evaluates the School's teaching and research activities, based on the assessments conducted by the French evaluation agency for research and higher education.

Its 25 members include 15 lay members and 10 staff and student representatives.

Advisory bodies

Four advisory bodies oversee the academic life of the School:

  • The Studies and Education Committee
  • The Doctoral Studies Committee
  • The Department Board
  • Laboratory boards and evaluation committees

Six bodies oversee its administrative aspects: : 

  • Student Life Committee
  • Workplace Health and Safety Committee
  • Technical Committee (Comité technique de proximité) for collective employment issues
  • Joint Committee (Commission paritaire d'établissement) for individual employment issues
  • Liaison, Information and Communication Committee
  • Environment and Sustainable Development Committee

The Student Life Committee plays a special role in the running of the School.
The committee advises the president of the School on all matters related to normalien students' study, working and living conditions. It makes recommendations regarding the extra-curricular activities run by student clubs and associations and on financial issues affecting student life.
It is composed of voting members and non-voting members.