AAEE President

president.aaee [at] ens-alumni.org (Henri Pidault)
The ENS Paris-Saclay, Rennes, Cachan and ENSET alumni association


The ENS Paris-Saclay, Rennes, Cachan and ENSET alumni association (AAEE) now has an online social network. It is a tremendous opportunity to communicate more widely with all ENS alumni.



The site is designed to put former classmates and long-lost friends back in touch and provide a calendar of all alumni events.

Nowadays, the right information is essential for finding internships for students or new professional opportunities, so it is important to have space on the site to advertise job offers.

The site can be used for fundraising so that generous initiatives can gain support from our ENS, research chairs, student associations and alumni. 

The site depends on the active participation of alumni, whether by taking part in discussion forums or writing articles on their experiences, perspectives, research, and careers. These multiple horizons of knowledge are a tremendous treasure; bringing them together further strengthens the School's reputation.


The association has kept a record of all publications of the last hundred years. Looking back over these archives is a nostalgic pleasure and a means to discover some highlights of an era and scientific discoveries that helped forged today's world. All these archives will be available online in the coming months.

The following functions are available on the site:

  • Posting of articles
  • Alumni directory
  • Internship and job listings
  • Events calendar
  • Fundraising

Membership fees can be paid online on the Alumni ENS website.

Fees are essential for continuing to finance the association’s activities and to maintain its prestige.