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New e-international welcome office for Université Paris-Saclay

Université Paris-Saclay has launched an e-international welcome office to provide a common portal for incoming students and researchers to one of our 18 institutions.

The Paris-Saclay University Welcome Network aims to offer all international residents the same quality of reception anywhere they work or study within Université Paris-Saclay – it’s the first single gateway for the university that was recently created from 18 of France’s most prestigious institutions.

Making your moving experience easier

Whether studying a degree, working in one of the research centers or coming for an internship, the e-international welcome office has general information regarding administrative procedures as well as more practical matters. The portal provides resources for visas, residence permits and health insurance for foreigners.

Gilles Bloch, President of Université Paris-Saclay says: “We now have 5,500 PhD students - 40% are international – as well as a quarter of all European Research Council (ERC) grants given to France, and we award 160 international scholarships to masters students every year. Université Paris-Saclay is an international institution, we’re delighted to make both studying and researching abroad easier for those who choose to come to France.”

It also builds on the university’s mission to bring talented international scientists and students to France. Since the quality of reception is a major consideration in attracting the best students and international researchers, the members of the Université Paris-Saclay set up the portal as a sole platform based around professionalism and anticipating people’s needs, from advice on French culture to settling in on campus.

This is the latest phase from the university that was created by France’s top educational and scientific institutions to provide a French competitor to the world’s best universities.