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The ENS Paris-Saclay theatre

The entrance to the future school will feature the Theatre, a box-shaped, 160-seat venue designed to cultivate and showcase high cultural and artistic standards at ENS Paris-Saclay.


  Crédits photo : Michel Denacé (RPBW)

Boasting the full arsenal of sound, light, and video equipment, it will be a venue for shows and events of all kinds; at once a theatre, a platform for research and experimentation, a rehearsal space shared by professional and student companies, and a facility for cultural events, festivals and symposiums—in short, the place where it’s all happening.

The Theatre, a bridge between communities

This theatre reflects the desire to build strong relationships within the student body, and between it and the wider community, which will stimulate reflection and exploration.

It will help build bridges between the artistic and scientific disciplines within the school and on campus in the aim of research and innovation, while ensuring access to the arts for the widest possible audience.