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sENS de l'Art: arts over the passage of time

This year, the Sens de l'Art festival will run from 4 to 10 December. The festival aims to showcase art in all its forms on campus, and is open to all.
Time and place are the main themes this year for the performances, artwork and photography on show throughout the week. 

A rich and electic programme is offered every evening and on the Sunday, a special day has been organized for children.

For this 13th annual festival, the Sens de l'Art team (a dozen students, with support from the Arts Office during the festival) will have the School and its surroundings buzzing with performing arts, exhibitions and screenings of short films by young directors.

"ENS Cachan: its premises, its history"

With the move to Saclay imminent, the organizers wanted to constitute a visual record of the School and student life on the Cachan campus.
On the Monday evening is the opening of a photography competition on the theme "ENS Cachan: its premises, its history".
Through their photos, the participants exhibiting as part of the competition will share their vision of the School and their fondest memories on campus.

"The passage of time"

In addition to this photo exhibition, the Sens de l’Art team put out a call for proposals in many schools and universities on the theme "the passage of time", and is offering an exhibition space for students keen to show their work.

A special opening night is planned, after which selected student artists will be able to exhibit their sculptures, paintings, drawings or photographs for four days at the School.

“The passage of time” is also the theme chosen for a call for proposals at the Maison du Film Court in Paris in preparation for Short Film night. Having viewed all the submissions, the team selected the best films on the theme in a range of styles. On the night, a screening of the selection (about 1 hour 30 mins) will be followed by a discussion with the invited directors and crews.

An artistic and cultural event

The festival features a different event each day involving a wide variety of art forms (photography, cinema, theatre, music, magic, circus, etc.): club nights, film concerts, short films, theatre and concerts. It is always enthusiastically received, with regular participants and new visitors from Cachan and elsewhere attending each year.
Short Film night, held at the Cachan La Pléiade cinema, often attracts around fifty people; the audience at Concert night averages about 250.

To programme the festival, artists are solicited or selected from submitted proposals. Thanks to the Track'n Art concerts held most Sundays by the Arts Office, the organizers are in contact with many musicians and bands for Concert night. They select acts with broad appeal, which offer a good variety and music to dance to, from among the artists who would like to perform at the School.
For Theatre night, Lika, the ENS improvisation league, invites leagues from other schools and universities for theatresports.

This festival is very important for us. It is huge week-long celebration of art and culture, where we get the opportunity to interact with many amateur and professional artists. We are also committed to welcoming a wide audience from diverse backgrounds to share common values and showcase some of the artistic activities at ENS.

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