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CentraleSupélec and ENS Paris-Saclay pool their computing power

Fusion, ENS Paris-Saclay and CentraleSupelec Computing power
Ecole normale supérieure Paris-Saclay and CentraleSupélec have inaugurated the Fusion supercomputing centre, a new scientific computing cluster.

Today, high-performance scientific computing is of vast strategic importance both for advanced basic research and for societal challenges related to health, the environment, materials, energy, transport, aerospace and more.

Anxious to pool their computing power and adopt an environmentally responsible approach, the two schools have decided to combine their expertise, skills and resources in Fusion. The computing cluster is housed at the CNRS Institute for Development and Resources in Intensive Scientific Computing (IDRIS) and already contains nearly 3500 cores.

A physical core is a set of circuits capable of executing programs independently. All the functionalities required to execute a program—program counter, registers, arithmetic logic units, etc.—are present in each core.

Fusion, a collective design model

The Fusion supercomputing centre is planned to expand over time and be opened up to researchers from other institutions and to industrial partners. It receives funding under the State-Region Planning Contract (Contrat Plan Etat Région or CPER).

Benefiting from the Université Paris-Saclay environment, Fusion is also intended to become a hub for scientific exchange and contribute to the emergence of high-performance computing strategies and projects between the various players in scientific computing.