Our campus

ENS Paris-Saclay is located on the Moulon plateau, in Gif-sur-Yvette.

It has a university restaurant and cafeteria, a resource center, a large garden and many Lab cafes.

Accommodation and sports facilities (gymnasium, tennis courts, sports fields, etc.) are nearby.

Students can take part in numerous sports and leisure activities on campus, organized by the student office (BDE), the sports office (BDS) or the arts office (BDA). The cultural, sports and humanitarian associations are numerous and dynamic. A large number of sports activities are open to staff.

The Kokarde, a place reserved for students

Ground floor / mezzanine, east building

It is a place where you can drink, eat, discuss and get information about the different activities on campus.
Potlucks are also organized by the Student Office (BDE) and leisure facilities (table soccer, billiards, etc.) are available.

Daytime schedule

  • 12pm-2pm: lunch
  • 6pm to midnight: bar

Schedule of parties organized by the BDE

  • Every Tuesday night after the [Pot]s from midnight.
  • Every Thursday night from midnight.

L'ENS Paris-Saclay