bureau.bds [at] (School Sports Association (BDS))

sport [at] (Student life and sports)

Sport activities

The ENS Paris-Saclay gives normaliens and staff the opportunity to discover or continue a sporting activity.

How to register

You must finalise your administrative registration before you can register.

Supporting documents requested (files to be uploaded)

An identity photo

  • A medical certificate less than 3 years old including all sports practiced and the mention "in competition" for the FFSU.
  • Send the certificate except for rugby (annual certificate).
  • Student: current year's school certificate or proof of admission

Your contacts

The Sports Director sport [at] (Frédéric Aeschlimann)n (PE teacher) in coordination with the Direction de la scolarité et de la vie étudiante (DSVE), Frédérique Trouslard, organises the sports activities.

The members of the school's sports association (BDS) participate in sports activities on campus with the sports director. They organise

  • Sports events: InterENS, Weekend in Competition (WEC), Ensympiades, Volleyball Night...
  • FFSU competitions.