A school for higher education and research

ENS Paris-Saclay, faithful to its tradition of excellence, delivers a cultural and scientific education of the highest standard. Thanks to the robustness of the knowledge they acquire and the richness of their experience at the School, normalien graduates find every path is open to them.

ENS is the school within Université Paris-Saclay that trains students for careers in higher education and research.
Its 12 academic departments and 13 research laboratories maintain the constant interaction essential to effective research-led teaching.
That interaction between research and teaching is central to its educational approach, and depends on the School's ability to attract the best academics and researchers.

The research laboratories, which are run jointly with public research organizations such as CNRS and INRIA, are intensifying their collaboration with Université Paris-Saclay's member universities, schools and research centres.
They also conduct research programmes in shared laboratories with the flagships of the aeronautics and aerospace industry, and the energy, automotive and IT sectors.

A cross-disciplinary school

ENS is the only higher education institution to associate and promote dialogue between the natural sciences, engineering, and the humanities and social sciences. It is in this unique environment that normalien students receive the research-intensive training in their discipline that guarantees their success at master's and doctorate level.

A school with a global outlook

The School has exchange agreements with many higher education institutions around the world and participates in international research groups in China, Korea, Japan, Israel, India, Brazil and the United States. These international collaborations promote intellectual mobility and widen the scope of scientific inquiry.