Languages Centre
Bâtiment Eiffel
8-10 rue Joliot-Curie
91 190 Gif-sur-Yvette

Department of Languages
secretariat.lang [at]
01 81 87 56 36

Languages centre

Many language courses are available at the Paris-Saclay language Centre (set in the "Eiffel" building of Centrale Supélec). Courses are jointly operated by ENS Paris-Saclay, Centrale Supélec and Université Paris-Saclay. 


Courses in German, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian and Hebrew are available, at various levels of proficiency. 

The Department of Languages of ENS Paris-Saclay collects expressions of interest for all foreign language programs in September. It will try to meet each request, depending on the availability of slots and instructors. 

  • All foreign language courses start at the end of September or in the first half of October, once registration has been completed. 

Please note that attending foreign language courses will not be considered for validating the "international" item of the ENS Paris-Saclay's Diploma (it is necessary to stay abroad or pass a B2 level language certification to secure this item). 

For all foreign language programs, attendance is mandatory once registration has been confirmed. 

The Paris-Saclay Language Centre

Set in the Eiffel building of Centrale Supélec, the Paris-Saclay Language Centre includes 57 classrooms specifically dedicated to language learning. 

A 120-seat amphitheatre, several tutoring rooms, workspaces as well as language, cultural and artistic events throughout the year allow the Paris-Saclay Language Centre to promote foreign languages and interculturality.