PhD thesis defence

The PhD defence file is to be prepared on the Adum portal. When all mandatory fields have been completed and the PhD student has validated their request, they can edit the oral thesis presentation forms in their personal ADUM area, as well as printing them and having them signed.

The PhD thesis defence, step by step

The thesis presentation: who decides what?

The doctoral thesis defence procedure was established by Order of May 25, 2016, setting the national training framework and procedures leading to the issue of the national doctoral degree. In accordance with the order, authorisation to defend thesis is granted,

  • by the head of the institution,
  • having sought the opinion of the director of the doctoral school,
  • upon proposal from the thesis supervisor

Content, language of submission, copyright, confidentiality, format and cover page

"The doctorate is awarded after the defence of a thesis and the presentation of a set of original scientific work." (PhD definition in article L612-7 of the education code).

The thesis makes the object of a legal deposit. The doctor is the sole author of the thesis.

The thesis is also the object of general and specific dissemination terms on the portal managed by ABES (Agency of higher education Librarian), then on the European portal DartEurope.

If the thesis has a proven confidentiality, then an exemption to the public character of the defence (behind closed doors) must be requested from the president of Université Paris-Saclay.

The examination panel

2 reviewers (authorized to supervise research,  external to Université Paris-Saclay, no co-publications with the doctoral candidate

4 to 8 members of examination panel
Nota  : "The thesis supervisor is part of the examination panel, but will not vote or participate in the decision"

Organization of the defence

No later than 3 months prior to the defence of the thesis,
Initiate contacts, detail logistics and confidentiality, perform the first legal deposit

The defence of the thesis

  • Public Notice of Thesis Defence.
    Deadline: At the latest, 1 week prior to the planned thesis defence date
  • Access to the documents of the defence.
    Deadline: at the latest, the day before of the defense
  • Privacy /Confidentiality - Public Attendance
    Deadline: the date of thesis defence
  • The defence
    The duration of the defence is usually 45 minutes to an hour and is followed by questions from the examination panel.
    In its deliberations, the examination panel appreciates the quality of the work of the doctoral candidate, their innovative character, the ability of the doctoral candidate to situate them in their scientific context and its presentation skills.