Claude Didry, "Deregulation kills work"

Claude Didry - ENS Paris-Saclay
Claude Didry, sociologist and researcher in ENS Paris-Saclay's IDHES laboratory, presented his recent book L’institution du travail – droit et salariat dans l’histoire (The Institution of Labour – Law and Employment in History), on the website The Conversation.

His book, published by La Dispute in January 2016, offers us a new reading that departs from conventional views of the current economic crisis and the publication of the Combrexelle, Terra nova and Montaigne reports.

He discussed his book on the website "The Conversation":

Labour law is often accused of being the main cause of rising unemployment. By being too heavy, too rigid, it has supposedly become a hindrance to economic growth. What do you think?

We hit a turning point in the 1990s with the persistence of a high level of unemployment. Since then, labour law has regularly been indicted by reports intending to "simplify" it.

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