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Gilles DOWEK, winner of the 2023 "Inria - Académie des sciences" Grand Prize

Gilles DOWEK, winner of the 2023 "Inria - Académie des sciences" Grand Prize
Gilles DOWEK, a computer science researcher at Inria, lecturer in the computer science teaching and research department (DER) at ENS Paris-Saclay and member of the Formal Methods Laboratory (LMF - ENS Paris_Saclay), is the winner of the "Grand prix Inria - Académie des sciences".

Gilles Dowek

A researcher at INRIA and professor at ENS Paris-Saclay, Gilles Dowek is a member of the Laboratoire de Méthodes Formelles (LMF) within the Deducteam team. He has also been a member of the Conseil Supérieur des Programmes as a qualified personality since 2023.

His career

Alongside his scientific and technical work, Gilles Dowek has been particularly interested in the place of computation in mathematics, the difference between languages and languages, and the relationship between the Church-Turing thesis and that of Galileo.
His work focuses on the formalisation of mathematics, systems for processing demonstrations, the physics of computation, the safety of aeronautical and space systems, and the epistemology and ethics of computing.

His book Les métamorphoses du calcul was awarded the Grand Prix de philosophie by the Académie Française.
He is also the co-author, with Serge Abiteboul and Laurence Devillers, of a play entitled Qui a hacké Garoutzia?

Académie des sciences

The Académie des Sciences is an assembly of scientists chosen from among the most eminent specialists in France and abroad. It conducts research into the political, ethical and societal issues raised by the major scientific questions of today and tomorrow. It reflects, anticipates, explains and makes pronouncements, in particular through opinions and recommendations, taking positions where necessary. Its work aims to provide a framework of expertise, advice and warnings on which public policies can be based, and more broadly to shed light on the debates and choices of our society. The Académie des Sciences also supports research, is committed to the quality of science teaching and promotes scientific life at international level.