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Student’s food services andpsychological assistance

We hope that you are all doing well. We want to share with you some information following the last announcements from the government on student’s food services and the new platforms for psychological assistance.

CROUS meals for €1 for all students

As announced by the French President, all students, with or without scholarship, will benefit from two meals per day at €1. This measure is applicable since January 25th 2021 for all students.

To benefit from this offer you would only have to activate your Izly account.

Complementary information

For students already registered on Izly, the price change will be operational from January 22nd to next week.

For students without an Izly account, you will just have to register on Each student will receive an email confirming the new amount. Students will be able to pay to Izly card, credit card, cash and will have to be registered on Izly.

Exceptionally, due to the curfew, students will be authorized to buy 2 meals (to go) at the same time, for lunch and dinner.

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Assistance platform and psychological support

Psychological assistance from CROUS de Versailles

CROUS de Versailles offers remote appointments by the ALLIANCE C association. Students will get an appointment directly on Doctolib by searching for « Alliance C, cabinet pluridisciplinaire » and selecting the object « téléconsultations étudiants académie de Versailles ».

The face-to-face services are provided by APSYTUDE and will be held every 15 days every Wednesday from 4pm to 8pm at the E. Gray residence - 1 rue d'Arsonval - 91400 Orsay in the workroom just across the street from the main entrance to the residence. Students can show up with or without an appointment depending on availability:

To make an appointment: 06 27 86 91 83 (be careful: no hotline!) or rdv.apsytude [at] or on the website "Make an appointment"

These consultations are completely free for students.


Région Ile de France

Language: french

La Région Ile de France apporte son soutien à la Fondation FondaMental et propose aux étudiants franciliens l’accès au site (FR) totalement gratuit et anonyme, dédié au soutien psychologique et à l’écoute.
Conçu par des professionnels du soutien psychologique, vous trouverez des informations, des conseils, des exercices pratiques à effectuer chez vous et vous pourrez bénéficier de téléconsultations gratuites avec des psychologues.
Le site se décompose en 3 volets : Faire le point/ Clés et astuces/Téléconsultation.


Psychological support and advice to take care of one's mental well-being

The website "" is intended to support students in the wake of the health crisis. You will find two distinct parts:

  • A section that lists all the free psychological support available in all the academies of France, as well as a list of national listening lines that you can call.
  • Another part that contains tips for dealing with your mental well-being: informative links, tips for feeling better.


Take care of yourselves.