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Summer School 2022: 10 high school students discover the ENS Paris-Saclay

Tell me about research - Illustration : Jérôme Fouber
Tell me about research - Illustration : Jérôme Fouber
As part of its equal opportunity plan, the École hosted 5 high school girls from Essouriau (Les Ulis) and 5 high school boys from Camille Claudel (Palaiseau), from July 4 to 6, 2022.
At the end of these three days of immersion at the École with four doctoral students, the young participants produced a poster on the theme "Tell me about research". Back on this 1st edition of the summer school at ENS Paris-Saclay.
Research allows us to discover, question the world, explore and produce knowledge.

High school students and doctoral students in pairs

During 3 days, Alice, Samia, Elisa, Camille, Madjaliya, Aubin, Joshua, Thibaud, Pierre-Alexandre and Yanis, accompanied on a daily basis by their PhD partner, were able to:

  • vvisit the School,
  • share the daily life of doctoral students,
  • work on a research question.

Les doctorants

Michèle BREHIER (Student Engagement 2022 Graduate Awards) is a PhD student at LURPA laboratory.
Theme: What is the influence of process parameters on the geometry and microstructure of parts produced in metal 3D printing?

Julien MALLETROIT is a PhD student at Supramolecular and Macromolecular Photophysics and Photochemistry Laboratory (PPSM).
Theme: How to understand the functioning of negative photochromic molecule ?

Fanny LEHMANN (prix des diplômés en Interdisciplinarité – diplômée en mathématique en 2021 is a PhD student at the Paris Saclay Mechanical Laboratory (LMPS)
Theme: Can an artificial intelligence "see" the ground beneath your feet?

Magin Benedict FERRER is a PhD student at the PPSM Laboratory.
Theme : Is it possible to turn off and on several times a fluorescent molecule ?


Our 4 PhD students involved high school students in experiments, seminars and laboratory visits.

July 4: presentation of the subjects, visit of the school, conference
9am-12pm - Presentation of the subjects - visit of the school.
1:30-4pm - Follow the daily life of a PhD student.
16h-17h - Conference "Controversies and stakes on Nanosciences and nano-technologies" by Virginie Albe.

July 5: "all in the lab"
9am-5pm - Follow the daily life of a PhD student.

July 6: the restitution
9h-12h30 - Follow-up of the PhD student.
1:30 to 3:30 pm - End of summer school seminar and creation of the poster.
16h-17h - A moment of conviviality

Vidéo : Jonathan PIARD

Reactions of high school students

What did you expect from the summer school?

To discover the job of a researcher and to take part in it, to learn new things, to learn... To see how laboratories work and discover the daily life of researchers...

They would have liked that...

...the internship should be longer in order to discover the other specialties of the doctoral students or other fields or departments and see what we do in the other groups...

The school's equal opportunity plan

This summer school is one of the actions of its equal opportunity plan. The School intends to expand its actions through new programs:

  • Support programs prior to recruitment;
  • a specific "equal opportunity" recruitment channel;
  • integration support systems.

Réalisation de posters

At the end of these 3 days of immersion in the world of research, each group developed a production with the doctoral student for the high school on the theme "Tell me about research".

  • Poster of Aubin and Pierre-Alexandre
  • Poster by Yanis, Thibaud and Joshua
  • Posters of Samia and Alice
  • Poster of Elisa, Camille and Madjaliya