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Welcome to the 2024 eligible candidates

ENS Paris-Saclay - @ Credits photo: Michel Denace (RPWB)
We would like to welcome you to the oral exams for the ENS Paris-Saclay entrance exams, which will take place from 27 May to 13 July 2024.
You will find all the practical information you need to take your oral exams with peace of mind: how to get to the School, how to find your way around the building to find the meeting point with the Competitive Examinations Department and its rooms for the exams, how to talk to the students, how to find accommodation and meals, etc.

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You have received an invitation e-mail specifying the days of your tests. You can also consult the calendars on the competition pages according to your discipline and the type of competition:

Where to go on the day of your tests?

ENS Paris-Saclay is located in Gif-sur-Yvette, on the Saclay plateau:
4, avenue des Sciences
91190 Gif-sur-Yvette (Essonne)

In front of the main entrance

  • Follow the signs to the meeting point in room MU45
    Go to the meeting point located in the North building, on the "Mezzanine" level, in room MU45, where you will be welcomed by the École Centrale Paris Competitive Examinations Department, which will guide you through your oral exams and answer any questions you may have. 

The room is located opposite reception, across the garden.

Where can I leave my luggage?

You can leave your luggage in the space provided for candidates, the MU45 room, signposted throughout ENS Paris-Saclay.

How do I contact the student union?


You can talk to the Students' Office (BDE), who are always ready to answer any questions you may have, in their relaxation area, the Kokarde (Kfet), on the ground floor of the East building.

The BDE's schedule of meetings and activities is posted in the MU45 room and on their social networks.

Social media

Do you have any questions? You can chat with the ENS Paris-Saclay student community via social networks:

N'hésitez pas à inviter vos camarades sur ces réseaux pour qu'ils soient au courant de toutes les informations et qu'ils puissent discuter avec la communauté des élèves !

Free auditors?

Following the raising of the Vigipirate security threshold to the level of "urgence attentat", no members of the public will be allowed to attend the oral examinations for the 2024 competitive entrance examinations taking place on the premises of ENS Paris-Saclay.

Insiteo and Wifi

The "Insiteo" application will help you find your way around the building. Instructions on how to download it and log on are available at reception.

You will find the Wifi and Insiteo codes (logins and passwords) in your e-mail invitation.


Accommodation and catering

Accommodation for competitive entrance exams and short breaks: the CROUS offers low-cost short breaks for students.

If you're having trouble finding accommodation, contact the BDE via their Instagram: @bde2024_ensps


  • You can eat at the CROUS (payment by credit card only) or at the Kfé de l'École, on the ground floor of the South West building. You will need your student card to benefit from the student rate.
    There is also a bakery, various restaurants and a supermarket within a 5-minute walk of our building, rue Mail Pierre Potier 

Our guides and documents

Le guide du routard : le bureau des étudiants (BDE) édite chaque année un guide pour les nouveaux normaliens. N'hésitez pas à télécharger ce guide (format PDF en français) : download the "guide du routard" (large PDF file).

The brochure "5 bonnes raisons d'intégrer l'ENS Paris-Saclay". Download the brochure.

Posters presenting life at school

Students will be handing out various brochures and a map of the École and the Paris-Saclay campus.

Welcome to ENS Paris-Saclay and good luck for your exams!

ENS Paris-Saclay - @ Credits photo: Michel Denace (RPWB)