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World record for ENS Paris Saclay!

Frederic Dias and the Inishmaan research station (Ireland)
On Saturday 27 May 2023, ENS Paris Saclay, in collaboration with University College Dublin, the Marine Institute, Eire Composite and the Inishmaan community, broke the record for the longest data transmission between a ship manoeuvring offshore and the Inishmaan Research Station (Ireland) as part of the SeaFi project, an essential link in the ERC Highwave and ERC Realtimesea projects led by Professor Frédéric Dias.
It is now established at 36.83 km.

New world record

The longest wireless Internet connection at sea

At sea, fishermen or other sailors have only two options when it comes to communications: satellite or cellular systems such as the 3G used by your mobile phone.
The aim of the SeaFi concept is to facilitate the creation of private networks in ports and coastal areas by establishing connections between lighthouses, offshore wind turbines or drilling platforms and ships at sea. These networks can be used to connect ships and their crews, as well as data collection buoys (weather, tides), for example.

Saturday 27 May 2023: record at 36.83 km

The record was beaten by Arnaud Disant and Frédéric Dias, mathematician and professor at ENS Paris-Saclay (Centre Borelli/University College Dublin), who is actively participating in this adventure with a view to promoting the work carried out as part of his ERC Advanced Grant projects HIGHWAVE (2019) and ERC Proof of Concept REALTIMESEA (2023).
The SeaFi project is an important part of HIGHWAVE, part of which involved setting up an experimental device for measuring waves at sea and their breaking.

The previous record, also held by Arnaud Disant since 2018, was 19.4 nautical miles (35.92 km).


Top row (left to right): Claire Bergin, Vikram Pakrashi, Cedric Larsonnier, Solomon Gleeson, Frederic Dias, Pat Flaherty
Lower row: Marie Claye, Syed Hasan, Willy Larsonnier, Kevin McGraw

With the participation of:

  • Sr Research Engineer Arnaud Disant (UCD & ENS-PS),
  • Dr Syed Ahmad Hasan (UCD),
  • Project Engineer Micheal O’Conghaile (Eire Composites),
  • Sr Technician Willy Larsonnier (Addenda-IT),
  • Software Engineer Daniel Pelaez Zapata (ENS- PS), Evidence Management: Tatjana Kokina (UCD) Claire Bergin (UCD),
  • Marie Claye (UCD),
  • Coastal station operators Cedric Larsonnier,
  • Pat Faherty
  • Public Relation in Irish: Solomon Gleeson et la communauté d’Inishmaan

The organisers would particularly like to thank the people of the island for their support and the Marine Institute.