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International RILEM Conference on Early-age and Long-term Cracking in RC Structures

Even though reinforced concrete (RC) is one of the most used manmade materials in the world, and adequate models exist for the prediction and design of the ultimate capacity of RC structures, the prediction of service life behaviour is still not mature enough for actual design purposes. This may lead to immediate repair needs, inadequate service life behaviour even when regulatory prescriptions for design are strictly followed, or at other times to unnecessary overdesign of reinforcement, which has negative consequences on both sustainability and economic aspects. This is amplified by development of new more sustainable cements and supplementary materials since the range of material properties needed for SLS-design is considerably wider than for ULS design.

One of the most common issues relevant to many RC structures which is encountered on-site is that of cracking. Understanding the interplay between fundamental mechanisms involved in the processes of hydration-induced temperature, shrinkage, creep, loading and herewith caused cracking requires interdisciplinary integration of materials science and structural engineering. A comprehensive approach to this problem requires the design of robust experimental techniques, development of multiscale models (micro, meso and mainly, macro-scale) and evaluation of code-based and other analytical approaches relevant to crack control in concrete which is also the aim of RILEM TC CCS: Early age and long term crack width analysis in RC structures.

The conference aims to bring together experts to share the state-of-the-art developments on the aforementioned fields and the progress within RILEM TC CCS: Early age and long term crack width analysis in RC structures. The conference will be consisted of lectures by researchers and other professionals from a variety of scientific disciplines in works targeted to crack control in concrete. The conference is intended for researchers and practitioners at any career level who have interest in deepening knowledge on the targeted subjects.
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As of the beginning of the year 2021, the organizing committee is attentively monitoring the COVID-19 situation worldwide and its prospective evolution up to April. Vaccination progress and the better climatic conditions in April (northern hemisphere) are likely to be positive enablers. Yet, the pandemic situation worldwide cannot yet offer any guarantees.As initially devised, regardless of the COVID-19 situation the conference is still taking place on 9th April, even though it is yet to be defined whether fully presencial, fully online or mixed. As of the end of January 2021, the most likely scenario is that some delegates will be able to attend physically, whereas some others will not (e.g. travel bans from government or home institutions, or even due to personal concern for safety). In that case, the program will be adapted for presencial activities take place since the opening (being streamed online for all delegates, with possibility for interaction), and eventually the conference becomes fully online in the period of presentations to be held by remote delegates (e.g. in the afternoon period).In any case, one unique registered delegate is required per each submission (normally the presenting author), with a fee of 40€. Non-presenting participants are also required to register, but no fee is applied in such case.Due to the precautionary measures related to COVID-19, the social activities (banquet) have been cancelled.The final program will be disclosed by 31st March, as to allow a clear picture to be obtained about the delegates that manage to participate presencially and those that participate online.

Conference Topics

The conference topics fall within the scope of RILEM TC CCS: Early-age and long-term crack width analysis in RC structures.The topic of cracking in RC structures from a serviceability limit state perspective has been addressed in the past, but not with integrative approaches which consider fundamental material behaviour and structural design. The conference is expected to bring about a significant number of new insights of important benefits for researchers and practitioners.The scope of the conference resonates with industry needs in the field of crack control which adopts relatively unsustainable approaches to the problem, such as overdesigning or excessively repairing.

The conference will accommodate presentation and poster sessions.Contribution from authors on the following topics is encouraged:

  • Early-age and long-term imposed deformations in concrete
  • Analytical formulations for calculating crack widths in concrete
  • Numerical simulations of early-age and long-term restrained behaviour of concrete elements
  • Experimental investigations on early-age and long-term cracking
  • On-site monitoring of imposed deformations and cracking
  • Crack control and crack repair
  • Sustainability of design and remediation
  • Scientific insights vs. standardisation

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