Alan Needleman

Alan Needleman

Professor Alan Needleman is the Florence Price Grant University Professor of Mechanics of Solids and Structures at Brown University.

Professor Needleman’s main research interests are in the computational modelling of inelastic deformation and fracture in structural materials, in particular metals.

A general objective is to provide quantitative relations between the measurable features of the materials’ micro-scale structure and its macroscopic mechanical behaviour. Ongoing research projects involves studies of ductile fracture and ductile-brittle transitions, crack growth in heterogeneous microstructures with particular emphasis on the role of interfaces, nonlocal and discrete dislocation plasticity, dynamic fracture.

Professor Needleman is a member of the American National Academy of Engineering, a Fellow of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, a Fellow of the American Academy of Mechanics, an Honorary member of MECAMAT (Groupe Français de Mécanique des Matériaux) and a Foreign member of the Danish Center for Applied Mathematics and Mechanics.

He has been recognized by ESI as a highly cited author both in Engineering and Material Science.

In 1977 he was a Guggenheim Fellow, and in 2006 he received a doctor technices honoris causa from the Technical University of Denmark, Copenhagen,the Prager Medal from the Society of Engineering Science and the Drucker Medal from ASME.