Master : competition exam

Admission to the 2nd year

The competitive entrance exams for the 2nd year are mainly aimed at university candidates with a L3 level.
Successful candidates enter ENS Paris-Saclay in the 2nd year (1st year of the master's degree) for 3 years of paid training.

Taking the competitive examination

1/ Examination of the graduate studies file

The 9 competitive examinations for admission to the 2nd year are all subject to a preliminary examination of the graduate record.
These are :

  • a pre-admissibility phase for the "Mathematics" and "Chemistry" competitions, which have written eligibility tests.
  • an eligibility phase for the 7 other competitions which only have admission tests.

2/ Find out the calendar and results

Consult the dates of the tests, the results and the specific procedures for each competition (french).

Preparing for the entrance exam