FAQ Housing

Find housing offers, information and contacts to guide you through the process.

Housing offers

 Near ENS

Near the campus

Science Accueil
Science Accueil organization can help you find an accommodation - furnished accommodation, from rooms to houses nearby train station RER B

  • Contact: housing [at] science-accueil.org - Angélique rousseau - (+33) 01 69 18 69 99

Héberjeunes organization connects students looking for housing and owners of rooms, studios or furnished apartments

Palaiseau area

Near Massy-Palaiseau RER

  1. You can share a flat in CESAL and CROUS residences from GUPS.
  2. Résidence du Mail CESA (private housing): T5 - unfurnished- already made flat-shares- physical guarantors, no Visale guarantor.
    Contact: Laforêt estate agency – (+33) 01 80 86 70 20
  3. Check the private owners offers located on Gif-sur-Yvette, Bures-sur-Yvette, Orsay, Palaiseau, Massy-Palaiseau cities...

Science Accueil organization
Science Accueil organization chelp you find an accommodation - furnished accommodations, from individual room to full house near train station RER B

Héberjeunes organization
Héberjeunes organization The organization connects students looking for housing and owners of rooms, studios or furnished apartments

  • Contact: heberjeunes.asso [at] universite-paris-saclay.fr

ENS Paris-Saclay has rooms available for its students at CROUS of Cachan residence.

    Contact us: logement@ens-paris-saclay.fr by mentioning your degree course at ENS Paris-Saclay in 2022-2023.

The School will give your requests straight to the CROUS; as a result, it won’t be necessary to make a request on https://www.messervices.etudiant.gouv.fr

Administrative process

  • Direction de la scolarité et de la vie étudiante - pôle logement (Education and Student Life office): logement [at] ens-paris-saclay.fr

logement [at] ens-paris-saclay.fr (The housing office) of the School answers your questions as it is in connection with various property owners.

•    A Proof of Identity
•    For international students: a residence permit
•    A certificate of admission if you are not enrolled yet at ENS (mail or screenshot) or a certificate of attendance at school
•    An insurance certificate
•    A physical or moral guarantor (social landlords recommend Visale guarantor).
The Visale device allows students to increase their chances of finding accommodation quickly. Landlords get a guarantee on the payment of rents. Young tenants can set up the residential lease agreement with the lessor

There you will find social and private housing stock, individual housing and flat-shares.

Please pay attention to the beginning of the new campaign, which will start shortly ou started on Tuesday 28th June.


If your enrolment is still in process, you can give the property owner (GUPS, CESAL):

-  A Proof of admission (application file or competitive entrance examination): A certificate of admission, mail, screenshot...

- Last year certificate of attendance at ENS if you are a “normalien”.

Make sure you keep your application file updated with your certificate of attendance at school.

Guichet unique Paris-Saclay (GUPS)

The CROUS of Versailles hosts the Guichet Unique Paris-Saclay (GUPS), which gathers all the housing offers on the Plateau de Saclay or nearby.

With GUPS, you can ask for an accommodation and if accepted you will be able to book it.

Priority is given to students in these situations:

•    Disabled students
•    CROUS scholarship
•    M2 FESUP (agrégation)
•    International students on program/partnership
•    First-time students (competitive entrance examination or application file) from region according to Ile-de-France availabilities.

  • Students enrolled at Université Paris-Saclay du plateau de Saclay
  • Students enrolled at ENS must mention their affiliation to ENS Paris-Saclay.

Please note that any requests without evidences of admission to ENS Paris-Saclay will be rejected on the school quota.

Step 1: I check the available offers then I save my choices.

Step 2: I confirm my enrolment to a school, and then I confirm permanently a list of three choices of accommodation in order of preference.

Step 3: I will receive an e-mail about the acceptance or the refusal of my request.