Applied Mathematics

Master of Applied Mathematics
Master of Applied Mathematics
The Master of Applied Mathematics delivers a first-class education in mathematics, in which long research internships play a significant part.
The programme is designed as a discovery of mathematics in contemporary scientific issues through intensive research-led teaching and learning.


The first year (M1) is structured into three subject-based tracks so students can begin to work towards their intended second year specialization. It also has an advanced track for a limited number of top students (regardless of subject specialization), the Jacques Hadamard track, the main purpose of which is to prepare students for a doctorate in applied mathematics after their master's degree.
In second year (M2), the wide range of courses offered means students can just as easily envisage job opportunities in various sectors of the economy (banking, insurance, aeronautics, health, energy, telecommunications etc.) as go on to PhD research in a university or industrial laboratory.

Bachelors 3

LDD3 : Informatique/Mathématiques : parcours mathématiques

LDD3 : Informatique/Mathématiques : parcours informatique/mathématiques


M1 : Master Jacques Hadamard

M2 : Mathématics, Vision, Learning

M2 : Formation à l'enseignement supérieur en Mathématiques

M2 : Modélisation et simulation avec le calcul haute performance


The wide range of courses in the Applied Mathematics major means graduates find employment in diverse sectors of the economy (banking, insurance, aeronautics, health, energy, telecommunications, etc.). A substantial proportion of graduates (approximately one-third) are also expected to undertake a PhD, either in a laboratory or in a company.