Mechanical Engineering

Master of Mechanical Engineering
Master of Mechanical Engineering
The Mechanical Engineering master's programme is organized around specializations in each area (acoustics, biomechanics, fluid mechanics, materials, structures).


The mechanical engineering curriculum offered at ENS Paris-Saclay essentially provides advanced scientific and technological training. The programme relies heavily on practical activities, internships and projects.

In the second year (M2), several master's specializations are offered in accordance with the courses taken in M1.

This means students can tailor their study path to suit future careers in:

  • research in academia or industry,
  • fields of application such as aeronautics, space, vehicles, energy, environment, the biomedical industry, instrumentation and scientific computing.


M1 Mécanique - Mécanique des Matériaux et des Structures (MMS)

M1 Mécanique et Ingénierie de la Production (MIP)

M2 : Formation à l'Enseignement Supérieur en Mécanique - FESup Mécanique

M2 : M2 Mechanics of Materials for Engineering and Integrity of Structures (MAGIS)


Graduates of this master's degree find many opportunities in engineering and research.